Week 4 (and almost 5)

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Can you believe we’re past the halfway mark?

As we wrap up week 4, by now you should have:

  • read and completed all units up to and including Week 4 in the “My Courses” tab
  • started to think about your Course 1 Final Project
  • written 3 or 4 blog posts & 3 or 4 comments
  • recorded the URLs of each of the posts & comments you would like assessed as part of COETAIL on your grading spreadsheet

Write Posts

As you complete the weekly readings, you’ll be asked to write a blog post that highlights your learning for the week. You’ll notice that there are writing prompts, however, you are not required to respond exactly to that prompt, it’s simply a prompt designed for those who need one. If you have an idea that really resonates with you based on the week’s readings and enduring understandings, then go for it! Basically, you’ll be writing at least one post a week for COETAIL. Of course, you can always write more as the mood strikes you!

Leave Comments

In addition to your weekly blog post, you’ll need to leave at least one comment a week somewhere on the web. I recommend that you start by leaving comments on other COETAILers blogs, particularly your cohort members. This helps us get to know each other and to start forming a community. As you start exploring more blogs, you’ll see connections with others and begin linking to their work, quoting and commenting regularly on the blogs that really resonate with you. Please remember to record & link these comments on your grade sheet as it can be time-consuming to go back and find them later. Comments make up 20% of your grade.

Feedback from Your Instructor

As you know, we have an instructor (Brandon) for this course and wonderful coaches, so you will see comments from all of us.

As your instructor, I will leave you feedback in one or two places:

  • On your blog, as a comment: Feedback that can be public and is appropriate to share with a wider audience may be left as a comment on your blog.
  • On your grading spreadsheet, in the Feedback from Instructor column: Feedback that is private, and focused on constructive improvements will be left in each row that you leave a URL of a blog post or a comment.

Please note:  In general, we may not be as quick with the feedback as you are with writing your posts. Sometimes we’ll leave a comment on your blog first and won’t get to your spreadsheet until later or vice versa. This doesn’t mean we’re not reading, it just means we may need time to gather our thoughts.

If this isn’t making sense, or you have questions or concerns, please let us know. This course is very independent, so you can really move at your own pace. We’ll keep an eye on where everyone is in the course units, but it’s really your job to keep up with the weekly readings as listed.

You will be able to keep track on where you are at by clicking “complete” at the end of each week’s lesson. It says something about taking a quiz but there are no quizzes in these courses, just reflections. I can also see how far you’ve progressed in the course so please make sure you click complete (it won’t let you move on to the next week unless you do).

Keep in mind that you can move forward at your own pace. There are other “lessons” within course 1 that are outside the Course 1 Weekly Units. Those are designed to help keep you thinking and to deal with any logistical or communication-related tasks that you should be ready for at that time.

I’ve already seen evidence of many of you bringing the readings back to your own practice, reflecting on the impact it’s starting to have, and connecting well with others in the cohort. It looks like we’re starting to come together!

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